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Indigo is the oldest dyes to be used in textile dyeing and printing. The oldest known dyeing dates to. 6000 years ago
Discovered in 2009 at Huaca Prieta, Peru.. indigo used as a dye ,made it’s way to Greeks and Romans, where it’s valued as a luxury product.
Indigofera Tinctoria also called true indigo is a species of plants from bean family that was one of the original source of indigo dye

Daboo printing
An ancient printing technique From Rajasthan. This practice is almost died out in last century but revived and today a flourishing business in many villages in Rajasthan . Dabu printing is very labour intensive and involves several stages of printing and dyeing. The end result is therefore very unique and beautiful. Dabu printing display a subtle and extraordinary beauty and depth which is appreciated all over the world.